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Mark Yolton presents: SAP’s Most Expansive Use of Social Media

SAP Community Network (SCN) is a robust 2 million member community of professionals in IT and business roles from more than 200 countries and territories. Companies, individuals, and universities come together to share knowledge and ideas, connect with experts and opinion leaders, and collaborate on innovative solutions with other customers, partners, employees and other thought leaders from around the world.

In March 2010, the Aspen Institute stated that “SAP Community Network (SCN) … may be the most extensive use to date of social media by a corporation.” (Link to free report). SCN and SAP EcoHub have also been referenced as market-leading examples by analysts and influencers including Charlene Li of Altimeter Group in her new book, “Open Leadership,” and authors John Hagel III, John Seeley Brown, and Lang Davidson in their new book, “The Power of Pull.” Read More

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